Bangkok & Kanchanaburi

( 22 - 26 August 2022 )

Author Guidelines

The 1st Thailand Groundwater Symposium is RPOVISIONAL considered to be held , from August 22-24, 2022. Abstract Submission deadline: 24/06/2022.
The Scientific Committee invites you to submit your abstract, with a minimum of 400 words, maximum of 500 words, using the online system:

  • For your convenience, download the Template for Abstract

  • With the abstract ready, access the online abstract and registration submission system.

  • Make your registration.

  • Fill in the authors information, select the type of presentation (oral or poster) and the theme the abstract fits best.

  • Upload the Word file of your abstract, please note that no changes will be allowed after you have submitted your abstract.

  • ​​​​You will receive a confirmation of acceptance/refusal by July 2022.

  • All abstracts must be submitted in English.

Submission guidelines

  • 1. Click on Login and on ‘New User? Click here’.

  • 2. Enter your email address, password, first name, last name, affiliation, country.

  • 3. Click on ‘Abstracts Submissions’ and subsequently on ‘New Abstract’.

  • 4. Enter your abstract title (max 30 words).

  • 5. Indicate the presentation format: poster or oral.

  • ​​​​6. Select your topic from the proposed list.

  • 7. If applicable, enter the full name and affiliation of the abstract co-authors.

  • 8. Enter the abstract body (with a minimum of 400 words, maximum of 500 words.).

  • 9. Indicate whether you will be the presenter. If not, please enter the first name and last name of the presenter.

  • 10. You may click on ‘Save & Continue Later’ in case you are unable to answer mandatory questions or submit your contribution by clicking ‘Save & Submit’.

  • 11. If you have clicked ‘Save & Submit’, you will no longer be able to make changes to your submission.


22-24 Aug 2022

Amari Watergate Hotel

25-26 Aug 2022

Excursion in Kanchanaburi